Fitness Services

Becoming a better runner requires a healthy body and mind. It's no good training diligently if you neglect to fuel your engine and lubricate your mind.

Nutrition Consultation (£100):

Whether your goal is to shed stubborn pounds or to knock minutes off your best time, you will struggle if your diet is ineffective. Elite runners take nutrition seriously and we offer the same service you would get if you were an Olympian. Your aspirations may be different, but your requirement for expert advice is valued no differently. Our nutrition package includes:

  • Initial in-depth consultation to discuss your concerns and diet background.
  • A comprehensive diet and activity diary with advice on completing it
  • A feedback report from your diet diary with nutritional analysis summarised. A complete breakdown of energy, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and fluids consumed will be provided.
  • Feedback consultation in which Debbie or Louise sets individual action points and recommendations to ensure you achieve your goals.

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Psychology Consultation (£60-£100)

Sport psychology is widely accepted as a crucial cog in the wheel of elite training programmes, but ensuring your mind is in a healthy state to run well is equally relevant to you. Whether you find you can't run consistently without stopping, you are paralysed with pre-race nerves or you simply struggle to stick with a training programme long-term, our running psychologist can help you. Our psychology package includes:

  • Initial in-depth consultation to discuss your concerns and running background (either face-to-face, on Skype or by phone)
  • Detailed feedback and recommendations on how to increase confidence, manage stress and tension, overcome setbacks, improve concentration, set goals and use imagery skills to enhance our running
  • Follow-up consultation and advice on how to further develop your mental approach to running

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